Disclaimer and Administrative Stuff

Here is my disclaimer. It is perfectly fine to scratch your head and wonder why I feel it necessary to have a disclaimer. It is simple, I want my readers to know I am not taking scholarly ideas and philosophies as my own. In other words, I will make every attempt to honestly portray my thoughts and ideas.

If necessary I will provide references. I may quote others’ work and I will give full credit as credit is due. Now, I may choose to ramble with generalized statements from time to time. I tend to mention studies in general terms, I will be wary of this bad habit and again, make every attempt to be academically honest and not commit plagiarism.

I urge you, the reader, to challenge me when I pose a confusing statement. Equally, I ask you to bear in mind these are my thoughts and I consider them to be a reflection of my academic and personal interest studies as well as my professional and life experiences.

At no point do I write with the intent of publishing my words in a scholarly work. I do not encourage you to use my opinions as a resource for any academic works. If you are a student and want an interview for academic purposes, please contact me and we can come to an acceptable agreement.

Now, I feel more comfortable sharing the grinding gears in my mind. Let’s start a grand journey!



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